Life changing
Personal Mind & Body Retreat
by Grandmaster Sifu Nguyen
One on one - Couples - Small groups
For folks from around the world
1day - 1 week - 1 month (your choice)
Come to the sunshine paradise, Orlando, Florida for a Weekend Retreat to release stress,
revitalize, detox, healing and renew your body and mind with Grandmaster Sifu Nguyen.

Master Nguyen is internationally known as an innovative educator who is on a mission to promote a
healthy lifestyle through mind and body training. He is the founder of Tai San Hap Kune Do, a unique
system which includes Holistic Fitness, Tai chi, Qigong, Yoga, Self Healing and Martial Arts. He has
over 25 years of experience of helping people improve their lives through his unique mind and body
empowerment system. Among his clients, there are a number of medical doctors, yoga instructors,
fitness trainers and so on.
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Get instant results for mind and body improvement and empowerment
On top of other retreat activities, Master Nguyen will teach you how to unblock blockages inside your
body. He also give you his chi energy, the powerful life force that he has spent a lifetime to harness, to
help you balance the yin and yang force in your body as well as increase chi energy, an important
aspect of health. You will be amazed with the results. For the mind, you will feel more calm, alert,
positive and be able to focus better. For the body, you will feel stronger, healthier with better energy
flow. You will feel that you can breath better with a sense of transparency. Your will feel lighter, faster
and easier in your movements.  In fact, many clients have said that they feel "more alive!" or they have
"a renewed body and mind". It is a life changing experience that you will never forget. The kind of
experience that you want your love ones to also have. Master Nguyen also provides life coach service
as requested by guests, interestingly many clients have asked the kind of questions which involved a
little life coaching.

Master Nguyen's Super Zen Center
Located in the heart of beautiful Orlando city, our center surrounded by hundred of bonsai trees, many
of them are over 50 years old with breath taking beauties. We have 2 water fountain running all day
for energy flow. One Zen tea room for relaxation, stress reduction, healing and meditation. Our training
room equipped with floor mat and large mirrors on the walls. Master Nguyen who is also an architect
has combined architecture and Fengsui together to create a center which produces an amazing flow
and vibration of positive energy. Many Qigong and Yoga practitioners have said that they can feel
their inner energy here much faster than when they were training at home.

We will also go to the beautiful parks, gardens and the quiet beaches
The retreat will be held most of the time at our center. However, we will also go to the nice parks or
quiet beach, so Master Nguyen can show you how to take energy from nature and empower your
body and mind. He will take you to the most serene and beautiful places that have all the 5 elements
of nature (metal-wood-water-fire-earth), so you can find true relaxation for the mind and forget all the
stress that you are carrying right now.

Introduction to stress reduction and healing with music (optional)
Sounds can make you happy, sad, excited or calm. Sounds can also help you reduce stress and even
promote healing. Master Nguyen has been playing harmonica and acoustic guitar for many years, he
has mastered the art of using music to stimulate chi flow and calm the mind for health and healing. He
will introduce to you this special treat by play for you a song that harmonize with your energy.

Lunches are included
During the day of the retreat, Master Nguyen will take you to lunch. There are hundred of nice
restaurants in the area.

You need to book a hotel near our center for overnight lodging. There are many good hotels with
kitchens in Winter Park and Orlando. When you are doing the research for a hotel, just type in our
4862 Edgewater Drive, Orlando, Fl 32804  and you can find many to choose from within 5
to 10 miles radius.

Give yourself extra time to enjoy Florida
Florida is the paradise for vacations, retreats and conventions. You might want to book for a whole
week so you can enjoy your time here after the retreat. It is alway good to give yourself extra time in
case you wanted to extent the retreat for more days, you can do so without going through the expense
of changing fly.

Prices and Schedules:
Please call or email us for prices and details.
" If you are reading this, it is not a
coincident that you've found me!
I am waiting for you. Whenever
you come, I will help you change
your life! That is my promise, my
passion and my mission in life"
 Sifu Nguyen


Grandmaster Sifu N. Nguyen is
truly a genius! His Holistic Mind
and Body Improvement training
are absolutely amazing. My
physical condition has improved
far more than I can imagine.
The training really help me
greatly in my other hobbies
such as horseback riding,
tennis, touch football, etc.  As a
surgeon physician, I strongly
recommend that my patients
should come and see Master
Sifu Nguyen before and after
Levine Leonard MD Surgeon
Physician Orlando, Fl
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Sifu Nguyen


Grandmaster Sifu Ngyen’s
unique teaching has
transformed so many lives,
including mine. I can say that I
am very fortunate to be one of
his students.  I absolutely
recommend his programs for
those who want the most
effective and exciting training
in body and mind
improvement and beyond.
Regardless of your health
condition and fitness level,
you will gain  priceless benefits
learning form this amazing

Zulima Nicoloff MD
Cardiologist, Orlando, Fl
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Bonsai garden
Our very special Meditation/Energy room
with Himalayan salt, Gourmet tea and live
music for healing and stimulate chi flow.
Training Hall
A great spot for Meditation and
Qigong on Lake Eola, Orlando
Transform your mind & body -  Soar like an eagle
Change your life
4862 Edgewater Drive, Orlando, Fl 32804   407-766-6124   Email: Lifeforcemax@gmail.com