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Body & Mind
Training Center
World class Martial arts - Hap Kune Do
Developed from the essences of Shao lin Kung Fu, Karate, Muay
Thai, Aikido, Jujitsu, Chinna, and Internal Chi Power Qi Gong

No need to go to China, Japan or Thailand  to learn directly from the masters of
the above mentioned arts. You can come and train one on one with
Grandmaster Nguyen in Orlando, FL. You will also have the opportunity to study
the famous Internal Power that is known for its fascinating benefits for health
and martial art prowess. Beside punching, kicking, forms, and self defense
techniques, Master Nguyen will also teach you how to develop superior strength,
speed, balance, flexibility, stamina, philosophy, etc. When you are ready, he will
teach you iron body, steel bone and weapons, etc. You will certainly gain
dynamic health and add qualities to your life. The benefits go beyond health
and fitness.
Effective Self Defense Programs for all ages
Even though the ultimate goals of martial art training is get in shape, be healthy
and be able to defend yourself. However, at Master Nguyen's Zen Center,
Master Nguyen will teach you many simple and extremely effective ways to
defend yourself without going through all the martial arts training. You just need
to know how to do the correct twists, turns, escapes or strikes to save your life.  
Our self defense programs provide you easy to learn, simple and quick
techniques to surprise your opponent  You will be amazed of what you can do to
defeat a larger attacker. Good for all ages and all genders.

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Copyrighted by Grandmaster Sifu N. Nguyen 2017. All rights reserved
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OPEN: Monday thru Saturday 11am-7pm   Sunday 2pm-7pm
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