Grandmaster N. Nguyen, also known as Sifu Nguyen or Master
Nguyen, is internationally known as an innovative educator who is
on a mission to promote a healthy lifestyle through mind and body
training. He is the founder of Tai San Hap Kune Do, a unique
system which includes Holistic Fitness, Tai chi, Qigong, Yoga, Self
Healing and Martial Arts. Master Nguyen has over 25 years of
experience of helping people improve their lives through his
unique mind and body empowerment system. Among his clients,
there are a number of medical doctors, yoga instructors, fitness
trainers and so on.

Natural health and martial arts journey
At the age of five, the young Nguyen was taught traditional family
fitness, Tai chi and martial arts by his grandfather, a Chinese
immigrant to Vietnam. He was also introduced to other forms of
martial arts early on. He devotedly studied Qigong, Tai chi,
Northern and Southern Kung Fu, Karate, Aikido, Jujitsu and Muay
Thai, in addition to his family styles. After many decades of
extreme hard work, discipline, studying, teaching and selfless
contributions to the natural health fitness and martial art industry,
Master Nguyen became a well known educator in these fields.

Academic Education
Besides mind and body fitness, Master Nguyen also has an
immense passion for arts, poetry, music and architecture. He holds
a Bachelor Degree in Architecture from Florida International
University. However, his lifelong passion has always been a
career in natural health fitness and martial art education.

Teaching Experience
After a few years working in the architecture industry as a
freelance architect, Master Nguyen decided to respond to the true
calling in his heart, he opened Iron and Silk Martial Art & Qigong in
Orlando, Florida and began his teaching career.

A pioneer in Innovative Body & Mind Training
During the ten year period at Iron & Silk Center, Master Nguyen
had developed a new, revolutionary teaching and training concept
that emphasized the total improvement of both body and mind
through unique exercise approaches, including Holistic Fitness, Qi
Gong and Martial Arts. Master Nguyen has transformed his
academy to a unique training center and specialized in seminars,
personal training and retreats. Master Nguyen’s teaching is a
valuable contribution to the natural health and fitness industry, it
has benefited thousands people in the US and around the world.
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