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Holistic Fitness
Personal Training, Retreats & Seminars
At Master Nguyen's Zen Center, we offer many different programs for mind and
body improvement purpose. First we would like to introduce to you our unique,
innovative program called Holistic Fitness.
It is the most effective way to get in
shape, control weight, tone muscles and reduce stress, improve your body and
mind and change your life. Innovative training methods with fun filled actions
from stretching to cardio to dynamic body conditioning movements. You will get
your desired results through a combined workout of Yoga, Cardio Kickboxing,
Dynamic Tension, Controlled Breathing, stress reduction, body tone, body
conditioning, strength, balance, flexibility and much more.

Physical Benefits
Control weight, improve body shape & tones, gain energy & stamina, improve
balance & flexibility, strengthen the immune system, improve circulation

Mental Benefits
Reduce stress, find inner peace, gain better focus, lift self esteem, enhance
self confidence, strengthen will power

Qi Gong for health and healing
Personal Training, Retreats & Seminars
There are more than 10,000 styles of Qi Gong teaching in the world. You may
not know which style to choose. In order to achieve the valuable health benefits
of Qigong you must practice it correctly. When you go to a large Qigong group
class or seminar, it is impossible for the master come to each of you and
correct you if you are doing it incorrectly. Therefore you go home and continue
practice the wrong techniques which may develop problem for your health later
on.  Master Nguyen will teach you a personalized Dynamic Qi Gong Program
that will benefit you the most. Sifu Nguyen will also teach you specific low impact
healing Qigong exercises and deep breathing exercises to help you achieve the

Physical Benefits
1. Strengthen the immune system
2. Detox organs and system
3. Increase circulation
4. Cultivate Chi energy to help prevent illness and increase self healing power.
5. Achieve optimal health & longevity
6. Advanced level of Qi Gong can be used for martial art power.

Mental Benefits
Reduce stress, find inner peace, gain better focus, lift self esteem, enhance
self confidence, strengthen will power.

Master Nguyen also offer Special Qi Gong Training that will help you develop
Internal Energy for Self Healing & Optimal Health and martial arts.  You are
welcome to come and experience The Power of Deep Breathing Meditation.
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